Transforming Events with OCTAlumina Lightboxes

Tension fabric graphics have always provided a clean and professional look, but when put in such a competitive environment it's vital to take extra measures if you want to stand out from the crowd and avoid being lost amongst the noise.

Enter OCTAlumina, an illuminated custom modular display system designed to create attention and help build upon exisiting ideas.


Training Rooms with Octanorm Modular Partition Walls

When it comes to safety training, Octanorm's modular partition wall system is everything you might desire. The individual wall elements allow for a quick and easy creation of unique, customized training landscapes, with or without windows.


Britebox Light Boxes - An Evolution of OCTAlumina

Colour and exhibitions are a reality thanks to seamless fabric graphics, the improvement to the look and experience at events is clear to see.

There are numerous ways to achieve the supporting structures, from simple wooden frames wrapped and stapled to walling systems bolted together to create space.


Shell-Clad wins Bronze in the World Exhibition Stand Awards

Last month saw the reveal of the 2019 winners for the inaugural World Exhibition Stand Awards.

This year saw Shell-Clad take home the bronze award for the "Best Stand up to 24sqm" category, for their work with Stark and their shell scheme display at 2017's Energy Management Show (EMEX).


Creating Windows and Doors in Tension Fabric Systems

Tension Fabric Systems have never been more versatile thanks to the introduction of our new No Sew Push-In Silicone.


How to mount Monitors onto Shell Schemes

Rather than taking your own stand why not use the shell scheme itself to hold your monitor?

Over the years the weight of monitors has reduced, no longer are they a two-person lift, with smaller LED screens around 32" weighing less than 8kg. With thinner, lighter monitors come easier and more efficient opportunities for mounting.


How OCTAmesh Creates 3D Lighting Effects

Learn more about how OCTAmesh creates impressive 3D lighting structures.

Ideal for retail, exhibitions, events and museums, OCTAmesh light frames are known for making lighting something to be excited about. Rather than being something which is simply designed to illuminate an area, OCTAmesh allows led lights to be just as much a piece of art as they are an appliance.


Where To Buy Shell Scheme Accessories

Accessories. Small items that you might not realise the importance of until the very last minute.

Everything else could have been organised weeks or even months in advance, but the smaller details can sometimes go long forgotten until it's too late.


What is OCTAuniversal?

OCTAuniversal is so much more than a simple framework construction. It's a universal system for exhibition contstruction, interior design and individual projects. Put simply, this system makes it possible to create an entire exhibition display with only a few components necessary.


5 Reasons To Start Using Hybrid Walling Systems

While the concept of a walling system for an exhibition is nothing new. The introduction of a hybrid system that offers entirely new possiblities definitely is.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider using hybrid walling systems for future exhibitions:


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