OCTALUMINA offers endless possibilities for illuminated LED display, but imagine being able to create multiple light boxes from 1 kit of parts... Wait no more! Our light box system is built using Octanorm modular system, so this is now a reality!

octalumina lightboxes

We understand that if you or your clients attend multiple events, that each in turn offer varied display space for your exhibit, the need for a versatile system is more important than ever. With OCTALUMINA, not only can you achieve an eye-catching light box display, but you can also adapt the system to fit into different display spaces quickly and easily.

For example, say you are attending 3 exhibitions and each venue offers varied event space for your display. Venue 1 could offer space for a 1 metre illuminated wall display, venue 2 offers space for a 3 metre illuminated wall display and venue 3 offers space for an ‘L’ shaped 3 metre x 3 metre illuminated display. Using a kit of modular parts supplied in uniform sizes to fit your requirements, all of these displays can be achieved easily, with simple, easy to use spigots and system locks that link the modular system together.

modular lightboxes example


Our range of base plates allow for freestanding and against-wall half base plate, so you can stand a display against a wall or shell-scheme without any loss in valuable space.

OCTALUMINA Modular Features:

  • It’s Modular – Create varied sized light boxes as required.
  • Portable – OCTALUMINA simply dismantles and compacts for ease of transportation.
  • Scalable – Large format sizes available.
  • High Quality LEDs – Shadow-free, even distribution illumination.
  • Full or half base plates for different applications.

The possibilities are endless. We can build a unique, cost-effective kit of parts that fit to your requirements.


Here’s a look into a typical recent project to create the following displays from 1 kit of parts.

The job was to create 2 possible displays from 1 kit of parts. The required display sizes were:

  • 880mm(w) x 2480mm(h)
  • 1880mm(w) x 2480mm(h)

We first created a ‘starter kit’ at the desired size of the smallest stand, this could be used independently or with the insertion of the uniquely designed ‘extension kit’ that would fit into the starter kit frame to make the larger desired frame size. Easy!

modular lightboxes

Try us, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 0208 545 2945 to discuss your display requirements.

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