Rather than taking your own stand why not use the shell scheme itself to hold your monitor?

Over the years the weight of monitors has reduced, no longer are they a two-person lift, with smaller LED screens around 32" weighing less than 8kg. With thinner, lighter monitors come easier and more efficient opportunities for mounting.

There’s no reason not to get as much use out of your shell scheme as possible and using it to mount monitors only requires a suitable VESA bracket with system groove and a method of locking it back onto the shell scheme.

To make for a quick and easy installation we now offer a kit with all the parts to do this called E185, which can be seen below.

E185 Component parts

What if you get to the show and the system is not Octanorm?

Fortunately, the E185 kit can be used with other shell scheme systems (Sodem, Foga, Modul etc.) by applying our RT185 adaptor. The RT185 is a small adaptor profile that allows the fitting of Octanorm accessories to other non-Octanorm shell schemes. It features a 4.3mm wide channel with a simple screw-in installation on either end.

shell scheme non octanorm adaptor

Mounting options include:

monitor mounting

Both the E185 mounting kit and the RT185 adaptor are available to buy from our online store: https://rtd-systems.myshopify.com/search?q=E185

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