Last month saw the reveal of the 2019 winners for the inaugural World Exhibition Stand Awards.

This year saw Shell-Clad take home the bronze award for the "Best Stand up to 24sqm" category, for their work with Stark and their shell scheme display at 2017's Energy Management Show (EMEX).

shell clad shell scheme

Stark’s new energy management platform Stark ID was yet to be launched at the time of the event. Aware that any messaging about the product launch would be out-dated very quickly, Stark wanted a stand that offered the flexibility of updating sections of the graphics without changing the whole stand for future events. The event was a great opportunity for Stark to reveal its new energy management platform, cross-sell a range of services and offer space for conversations with customers and prospects.

This was the first year that Stark had exhibited at EMEX and with that came an importance of setting strong first impressions by attracting visitors from afar who may have never heard of the company before. Achieving such a task would prove a challenge due to amount of space available and the need for a design that would overcome the fact that it was shell scheme based. This meant that seamless graphics would be an abosolute must, as this would allow for a professional look and feel while taking full advantage of the limited space.

With just 17.5 sqm available to them, Stark wanted to maximise the floor space of their shell scheme so that as many visitors as possible could watch the new product demonstrations on their large monitor. It was essential for a memorable design that could stand out amongst the other 100 exhibitors present at the show.

These challenges and limitations proved to be something that Shell-Clad could overcome. Thanks in part to their use of patented Shell-Clad clips that slot into the vertical pillar grooves that can easily be removed after use.

The graphics were printed on a stoplight material, laminated and then applied to Shell-Clad’s unique 5mm rollable correx panels (known as Magiclad panels). These panels, which are pre-velcro’d, are removed from their packing tubes, unrolled and applied to the velcro’d Shell-Clad clips attached to the shell scheme pillars. Each clip took just seconds to fit and because the “fix” is down the full length of the panel on each side, a genuine seamless look is achieved.

Shell-Clad estimates that these clips are good for at least 100 uses and offer compatibility with Octanorm and other shell scheme systems to completely redefine the walls and space.

More information about Shell-Clad Clips can be found here:

shell clad shell scheme 2

The end result was described by Stark Brand Manager, Kim Walker as "sharp and seamless" and that winning such an award "goes to show that you don’t need to spend thousands on a custom build stand to create impact. It’s about being creative with what you have and staying focused on the vision and event goals".

To read Kim's full interview about the award and Shell-Clad's involvement be sure to visit the following link:

More details about the award and the client brief can be found here:

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