When it comes to safety training, Octanorm's modular partition wall system is everything you might desire. The individual wall elements allow for a quick and easy creation of unique, customized training landscapes, with or without windows.

For varied training units, these modular partition walls can be converted in just a few simple steps and reassembled to a new layout. Whether they are required for individual close combat, personal security instructions or target practice with paintball guns, Octanorm's modular walls can be perfectly tailored for your needs.

wall system training rooms

The system features high stability in combination with fire protection certification, allowing for realistic training manoeuvres and the ability to withstand both physical attacks and a bombardment of paintballs.

Octanorm's modular partition walls have already proven to be the ideal solution for combat and safety training, with the Police Headquarters in Mannheim, Germany stating they were "surprised to find how this wall system from Octanorm was able to meet [their] highly specific requirements."

To find out more about the possibilities of our partition walls or for information on any technical specifications, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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