Tension fabric graphics have always provided a clean and professional look, but when put in such a competitive environment it's vital to take extra measures if you want to stand out from the crowd and avoid being lost amongst the noise.

Enter OCTAlumina, an illuminated custom modular display system designed to create attention and help build upon exisiting ideas.

What is OCTAlumina?

A sustainable, cost-effective lightbox system that has been designed to work around you and your specifications, not the other way around. Featuring an aluminium design and a straight forward installation, OCTAlumina provides a long term recylable solution with a stress-free outcome.

At its core the OCTAlumina system is all about flexibility, as proven by its wide range of support methods. Whatever makes the most sense for your display and vision can be provided, without the need for compromises.

By illuminating the fabric with high power LEDs smaller details can be enhanced, resulting in a dramatic increase in both the quality and effectiveness of the graphics. Illumination has the potential to add a layer of realism to an image, providing sources of light and further contrast that would seem more natural.


Freestanding Solutions

lightbox custom wall

lightbox tower

Single or double-sided, OCTAlumina is best known for its freestanding solutions, available in 4 sizes or even custom sizes upon request with or without baseplates. The system can be extended in both height and width, anywhere up to 5 metres high and a wide as you need.

There is no need to worry about messy cable management or hazardous wires just waiting for somebody to trip on. OCTAlumina's slimline power supply is practically invisible thanks to its placement behind the fabric and integration into the frame. Compact, simple and undisturbed.


Corner Solutions

lightbox corner unit2

lightbox corner unit

Corner units are another effective choice, offering the perfect way to close off the edges of your available space. By including corner solutions to the ends of your display, the surrounding area can feel more inclusive to visitors whilst creating opportunities for extra branding space.


Ceiling Suspension & Wall Mounting

octalumina shop floor

Whether you find yourself limited by the amount of available floor space or are simply looking for a more creative lighting solution, ceiling structures can be an ideal choice at an event or even in retail. There are plenty of ways in which wall or ceiling fixtures can offer a fresh take on familiar environment.

Wall mounted solutions can help free up space elsewhere without having to sacrifice the ambience and attention of an illuminated display.

To learn more about how OCTAlumina can transform your event visit: https://www.octanorm.com/uk/products/product-areas/OCTALUMINA

Freestanding and Corner Unit images courtesy of Insite Graphics ColourSpace Conference range, for enquiries please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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