A lot has happened over the last 12 months. New creative solutions for OCTAwall were created in the form of video walls and combat training rooms were created using partiton walls. A new worldwide awards show for exhibition builds announced the winners for its debut year and an important milestone for Octanorm was reached.

There have been so many exciting developments to share with you all, so we thought it would be best to dedicate a blog post to summarising the most important Octanorm news of the year.

Octanorm Innovation

This year brought about some new innovations in the world of modular Octanorm.

By using adapted OCTAwall 60 frames, Octanorm LEDSurface™ was created - a display solution that can support built-in video walls up to 4 metres.

Octanorm LEDSurface™ can be supported securely to the centre of the display. Tension Fabric or Velcro panels can be applied to the surrounding area for further branding opportunities, allowing both static and animated graphics to sit side by side through the same system.

The LED screens are designed for high definition visuals, with a 16:9 ratio and 1920x1080p resolution ensuring there is no compromise in quality and no need to stretch or crop content. To avoid a messy presentation, hidden cable management is possible by feeding the cables directly through the frames.

For a more enclosed space, door units can easily be attached thanks to the modular design of OCTAwall 60. The use of OCTAwall 60 means solutions can be bespoke to suit your needs while extended compatibility beyond Octanorm for integrations with other frame systems.

The images below were provided to us courtesy of Aztec Event Services.

IMG 2714

Aztec OCTAwall 60 with LED screens 1

Aztec OCTAwall 60 with LED screens 2


Over in Germany, Octanorm were able to provide an ideal solution for a combat training room for the Police Headquarters in Mannheim who were "surprised to find how this wall system from Octanorm was able to meet [their] highly specific requirements".

Using Octanorm's modular partition wall system meant wall elements could be converted in just a few simple steps and reassembled to suit a new layout. The system featured high stability in combination with fire protection certification, allowing for realistic training manoeuvres and the ability to withstand both physical attacks and a bombardment of paintballs.

 modular combat rooms

modular partition walls


An evolution of OCTAlumina

lightbox custom wall

lightbox tower

OCTAlumina is best known for its ability to deliver high quality illuminated solutions for events and exhibitions.

By illuminating the fabric with high power LEDs, the smaller details are enhanced, resulting in a dramatic increase in both the quality and effectiveness of the graphics. Illumination has the potential to add a layer of realism to an image by providing a greater, more natural range in contrast.

This year, Insite Graphics pushed the concept even further, using the OCTAlumina system they were able to create the ColourSpace conference range. With the introduction of ColourSpace, the built-in LED lighting can now cover up to 20 metres wide, allowing for bright and beautiful ultra-wide displays and a new level of quality for designs. The ColourSpace range includes freestanding solutions, corner solutions and 4 sided illuminated towers, which combined together have resulted in some truly innovative and inviting spaces.

50 Years of Octanorm

octanorm 50 years picture

This year we celebrated 50 years of exhibition excellence!

Since 1969, Octanorm has continued to be a staple in the exhibition and event industry, offering the most versatile and reliable display solutions thanks to its patented tension lock system.

Throughout these last 50 years, thousands of products have been created and used at exhibitions, conferences, events, retail stores and presentations, all using high-quality Octanorm solutions.

Devised by Hans Staeger, it started with an idea which would be developed and presented for the very first time at the EuroShop trade fair in Düsseldorf. Ever since that day the Octanorm system it has continued to evolve and offer new innovative solutions for exhibition and event displays.

These solutions continue to be supported by the OSPI network, the world's largest global trade fair construction network which now consists of more than 140 partners across 40 countries in the world.

You can learn more about the history of Octanorm and its decades of development by visiting the anniversary website: https://www.octanorm.com/uk/SpecialPages/50-Years

World Exhibition Stand Awards

wesa awards 2019

Last year saw the announcement and debut of the World Exhibition Stand Awards.

The awards created a way to recognise effective stand design all around the world, while celebrating creative thinking and design effectiveness across the broadest possible range of events. The aim was to reward effective exhibiting, stunning architecture, creative design and unique brand experiences. We were fully behind this initiative, which is why we became a founding sponsor.

In May 2019, winners for the very first World Exhibition Stand Awards were announced, showcasing an incredibly high standard in stand design and build around the globe.

The full list of 2019 winners and their entries can be found here: https://www.worldexhibitionstandawards.com/winners-2019/

The second year of these awards are now underway, and to continue to show support, Octanorm has returned as a sponsor.

That's all for now...

However, this is only a handful of the news from 2019. We have plenty more for you to read over at our blog section and the Octanorm website. If you have any enquiries about what's been mentioned here, please don't hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to sharing more with you next year!

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