How OCTAmesh Creates 3D Lighting Effects

Learn more about how OCTAmesh creates impressive 3D lighting structures.

Ideal for retail, exhibitions, events and museums, OCTAmesh light frames are known for making lighting something to be excited about. Rather than being something which is simply designed to illuminate an area, OCTAmesh allows led lights to be just as much a piece of art as they are an appliance.


Where To Buy Shell Scheme Accessories

Accessories. Smaller items that you might not realise the importance of until the very last minute.

Everything else could have been organised weeks or even months in advance, but the smaller details can sometimes go long forgotten until it's too late.


What is OCTAuniversal?

OCTAuniversal is so much more than a simple framework construction. It's a universal system for exhibition contstruction, interior design and individual projects. Put simply, this system makes it possible to create an entire exhibition display with only a few components necessary.


5 Reasons To Start Using Hybrid Walling Systems

While the concept of a walling system for an exhibition is nothing new. The introduction of a hybrid system that offers entirely new possiblities definitely is.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider using hybrid walling systems for future exhibitions:


5 Uses for OCTAlumina Modular Light Boxes

One of the most impressive aspects of OCTAlumina has to be its versatility.

These portable modular light boxes can add some life to an otherwise dull and dark space. Whether it's for business use at an exhibition or on a more personal level for your home, it can blend-in to the environment whilst creating an inviting and interesting space.


5 Examples of Bad Exhibition Displays

While it's always great to seek inspiration from some of the best examples of successful and creative stands, there is just as much to learn from the worst.


Top Tips to achieve a Sustainable Exhibition Stand

Read our Top Tips on how to create a sustainable 'green friendly' exhibition stand.


5 Reasons why there is no other Pop-up Display like the Vario D400

There are hundreds of pop-up display stands out there, but there is not 1 that rivals the functional capabilities and unique features of the Vario D400.

Click to read the article and find out what they are...


Seamless Tension Fabric Graphics Frame to Frame

Say goodbye to sharp, mitred edges and create scalable Tension Fabric Displays with the Unique Breakaway Corner and run graphics frame to frame!


The benefit of Octanorm Modular Light Boxes

OCTALUMINA offers endless possibilities for illuminated LED display, but imagine being able to create multiple light boxes from 1 kit of parts... Wait no more! Our light box system is built using Octanorm modular system, so this is now a reality!


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