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Cableflor Credentials

Made up of 100mm individual square tiles, Cableflor is supplied in 1 metre squares for easy transportation and quick installation. Simply remove excess flooring by pulling away and unclipping the tiles you don’t need without cutting. Individual tiles can also be removed to provide access for electrical sockets and display stand features such as modular uprights.

Cableflor is a reusable flooring system, it is easy to cut shapes with a jigsaw and then replace just the tailored area with new tiles. A floor that you can mend!

A range of wheeled cases is available for ease of transport.

Cableflor is manufactured from hardwearing Polypropylene providing excellent fire rating.

Key Features:

  • Reusable and easy to assemble without the need for tools
  • Concealed waffle plate or upstand base plate allow fast easy connection of Octanorm components to the floor
  • Ultra low, only 2cm high modular floor allows cables to run beneath.
  • Supplied in 1 metre squares for quick and easy installation.
  • Single component floor system that clips together – nothing to lose onsite!
  • No cutting required – just tear off 100mm strips to fit your space.
  • Stack the 1 meter squares in a wheeled case for easy transportation.
  • Electrical and AV ports are easily integrated into the floor.
  • Smooth tiles, studded tiles, Illuminated tiles, printed tiles, clear tiles, ramps, illuminated edging, moulded corners. A Cableflor solution for every application
  • Custom colours and patterns available on request
  • Lay underneath carpet, Karndean, Amtico etc
  • 100% recyclable


Ramped Edging Strip Options

This ultra-low floor also benefits from having two dedicated clip-on edging strips. 

The ramped edges are available in rigid black or silver plastic with a simple mitre corner or a durable rubber with moulded corners and the option of fitting illuminated LED neon lights for added visual impact and awareness.

Plastic Edging

Easy clip on plastic edging is supplied in one metre strips with simple mitred ends to create corners. A cavity for LED rope lights has been incorporated for added impact. The plastic Cableflor edging allows a floor covering to lay over the Cableflor with the floor edges neatly captured.

plastic edge


Rubber Edging

Rubber edging comes in 5m rolls with separate moulded corners. Rubber is superior for long term installations or very heavy footfall. There is a cavity for Neon Flex lighting which allows for a brilliant continuous light to be emitted around the perimeter of the edging seamlessly around the edge of the entire floor. The rubber Cableflor edging allows a floor covering to lay over the Cableflor  with the floor edges neatly captured.

rubber edge


Available Finishes


assembly 7 1024x683

Smooth lightly textured black is available off the shelf for use as cable management under a floor covering. standard tile top finish for Cableflor is smooth with a light texture.



cableflor print

Smooth Cableflor tiles printed with your own design before coating with a liquid laminate for protection.



cableflor led 4

Clear or frosted tiles are illuminated with concealed LED. The position of the LED allows spots, strips or chasers to highlight key areas, products or plinths.


Studded and Coloured

cableflor studded

Studded tiles with a gloss finish can be made to order with colour matching if required for corporate identity, promotion etc. The studs protect the finish during use.


Wood or Stone

Loose Lay Backing 1024x683 300x200

Cableflor offer 4mm thick luxury floor vinyl, simply lay this over the tiles. The vinyl features a special coating on the back which grips to the tiles. No glue or tape required. The vinyl fits under the ramped edging to prevent tripping and maintain a neat edge.

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Cut to Shape

cut to shape

Cableflor can be easily cut to shape using a hand held circular saw, so we can supply circular floors over 3m diameter. We have a special flexible rubber edging to go around the perimeter.


Fire Rating

Cableflor standard flooring is made to Class 1 fire rating compliance (self-extinguishing within 60 seconds) – this is sufficient for EU exhibition halls and the vast majority of shopping centres.

Cableflor can be produced to meet Class O FR as a special order. Please note: when using Cableflor overseas it’s important to check the venue’s requirements prior to production. For example, for certain venues in the US the floor has to meet UL94 Certified material this is an American accreditation.


cableflor assembly


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