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The possibilities to create stunning retail displays with OCTAlumina LED light boxes are endless, with profiles available for a wide range of applications including: large format walls; freestanding displays, vertical and horizontal ceiling hung presentations and much more!

All OCTAlumina products include a 2 year LED warranty service, with a free replacement of faulty items (including assembly work, reconstruction costs and other services).

Key features:

  • Eye catching effect
  • Custom-made frames on request
  • Perfect homogenous light distribution with neutral color rendering
  • Single or double sided use of fabric prints
  • Plug-in solution for LED bars and convertors
  • High-power LEDs, 2.2 watts each
  • State-of-the-art lense technology with optimal light diffusion
  • Standard sizes for walls, counters and ceiling solutions
  • Sturdy and re-usable packing available

How it works:

Using the dye sublimation or UV process, a printed textile graphic is produced with rubber strips sewn to each edge. The rubber strips simply push into the profile of the aluminium frame causing the fabric to tense when all four edges are inserted, creating a seamless perfectly flat finish.

In order to remove the graphic, the fabric is teased from the frame and easily removed. This then enables a new fabric to be fitted quickly without any specialist tools or knowledge.


All OCTAlumina systems are flat-packed in a safe and secure manner. The boxes are custom-made to perfectly fit your bespoke light-box frames, with the option of packaging up to 6 metres in length.

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OCTAlumina 40

Product details:

  • Slimline 40mm frame.
  • Single-sided illumination
  • Sizes up to A0 without groove or up to 1000mm x 2500mm with system groove.
  • Ultimate shadow free graphics exposure with high powered LEDs.

Technical details:

  • Frame material – Aluminium, matt anodised. 40mm with or without groove.
  • Front graphic - Backlit cloth with welt edge silicon edge (graphics not included).
  • Back panel – 3mm sandwich panel.
  • Lighting method – Back lit.
  • Dimmer also available.


OCTAlumina 80

Product details:

  • 80mm frame
  • Single-sided illumination
  • Frame-mounted power supply unit
  • Sturdy Base Plate
  • Cable outlet at the bottom
  • Easy plug-in connection


OCTAlumina 120

With OCTALUMINA 120 we are pleased to present you illuminated walls complete with LED lighting, power-supply unit and bracing. The frames are made out of the 120 mm M 1901 fabric extrusion having an even surface. 

Product details:

  • 120mm frame
  • Easy Self Assembly
  • Double-sided illumination
  • High-quality Power LEDs
  • Sturdy Base Plate
  • Frame-mounted power supply unit
  • Cable outlet at the bottom
  • Easy plug-in connection

High performance LEDs are providing a uniform and brilliant illumination with neutral colour rendering. The power-supply unit hiding inside the frame adds to its eye-catching appearance. 4 standard sizes are available for creative shop and event solutions. Custom-made frames can of course also be realized – please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more details. 

No matter if you use it as a freestanding display or as a fully-equipped booth – OCTALUMINA 120 ensures ultimate efficiency and a high publicity value. The new illuminated frames are also ideally suited for counters and ceilings.

Download Assembly instructions here: Single-Sided or Double-Sided

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