OCTArig - Exhibition & Event Rigging

1 System. 3 Designs. Suspended, elevated or as pylon construction – OCTArig gives you the freedom to realize any desired booth concept. The result is a quickly built up and stable construction in compliance with local regulations to hold your equipment.

Compatible. Flexible. Adjustable. Invisible cable management, track mounting and countless possibilities to individualize the system make it ideal for the construction of your project. Rotated through 180°, the power rails can already be prefitted on the floor. With its high load capacity, OCTArig sets standards in terms of safety both in connection with stage and event technologies and no matter if used with hanging banners or fabric tensioning.


OCTArig can easily be suspended from suspension points in the building‘s ceiling. Your stand space, your product perfectly staged without interruptions.

OCTArig wide spans


A venue‘s ceiling construction does not always allow for a suspension of the OCTArig system. Elevated, the system opens up completely new possibilities: up to 6 m ceiling height – even without any suspension points.

OCTArig capacity


The pylon design allows for the construction of self-supporting corners of up to 3 metres, held only by clamping elements without the need for additional ceiling suspension. A solid ceiling construction, independent of suspension points or supporting ceiling elements on-site.

OCTArig self supporting


Key Features

  • Great spans and high load capacity with minimal components
  • Variable angles with hinged elements
  • Compatible with stage and event fittings
  • Bespoke design possibilities
  • Easy mounting of light track systems
  • Fabric ceilings and banner suspension possible
  • Hidden cable management
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Compatible with other Octanorm components


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