Covid-19 Vaccination Centers

Organization of COVID-19 Vaccination

Our concept covers all basic areas from registration to after- care. It also includes staff rooms and storage facilities for the challenging logistics. React fast! As your efficient and reliable partner we are happy to help you with planning, offer and realization.


Octanorm at EuroShop 2020

Last month we attended EuroShop 2020, the world's largest retail trade fair.

Throughout the event, Octanorm had nothing short of new and exciting products to showcase, including the all new OCTAwall Pro walling system and large scale OCTAlumina circular features.


This Year at Octanorm - 2019 Edition

A lot has happened over the last 12 months. New creative solutions for OCTAwall were created in the form of video walls and combat training rooms were created using partiton walls. A new worldwide awards show for exhibition builds announced the winners for its debut year and an important milestone for Octanorm was reached.


Creating video walls with Octanorm LEDSurface™

Create video walls up to 4 metres wide Octanorm LEDSurface™.

By using adapted OCTAwall 60 frames, LED screens can be supported securely to the centre of the display. Tension Fabric or Velcro panels can be applied to the surrounding area for further branding opportunities, allowing both static and animated graphics to sit side by side through the same system.


Event Displays Made Easy With OCTAwall 60

Choices, efficiency and compatibility are just a few of the many benefits seen from the OCTAwall 60 walling system.

Whether it's for an event, a storefront promotion or even a combat training room, OCTAwall 60 has been designed to achieve whatever custom modular display solution is needed.


Transforming Events with OCTAlumina Lightboxes

Tension fabric graphics have always provided a clean and professional look, but when put in such a competitive environment it's vital to take extra measures if you want to stand out from the crowd and avoid being lost amongst the noise.

Enter OCTAlumina, an illuminated custom modular display system designed to create attention and help build upon exisiting ideas.


Training Rooms with Octanorm Modular Partition Walls

When it comes to safety training, Octanorm's modular partition wall system is everything you might desire. The individual wall elements allow for a quick and easy creation of unique, customized training landscapes, with or without windows.


Britebox Light Boxes - An Evolution of OCTAlumina

Colour and exhibitions are a reality thanks to seamless fabric graphics, the improvement to the look and experience at events is clear to see.

There are numerous ways to achieve the supporting structures, from simple wooden frames wrapped and stapled to walling systems bolted together to create space.


Shell-Clad wins Bronze in the World Exhibition Stand Awards

Last month saw the reveal of the 2019 winners for the inaugural World Exhibition Stand Awards.

This year saw Shell-Clad take home the bronze award for the "Best Stand up to 24sqm" category, for their work with Stark and their shell scheme display at 2017's Energy Management Show (EMEX).


Creating Windows and Doors in Tension Fabric Systems

Tension Fabric Systems have never been more versatile thanks to the introduction of our new No Sew Push-In Silicone.


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