freestanding tension fabric system
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Freestanding – Tension Fabric System

Key Features:

  • Robust attractive modular aluminium profile.

  • Sturdy freestanding displays using base plates.

  • Easy to install and change graphics with no technical knowledge or tools required.

  • Once installed, tension removes any folds or creases in the graphic enabling replacement graphics to be sent in small mailing parcels.

  • Scalable to any print size.

  • Magnetic accessories available to create bespoke displays.

  • Single or double sided fabric displays.

  • Front loading graphics make this system ideal for use in limited space areas and recesses.

  • Easy to add accessories to the side grooves, poser table, monitors, iPad holders, literature racks, shelves etc.

How it works

A printed textile graphic is produced with rubber strips sewn to each edge. The rubber strips simply push into the profile of the aluminium frame causing the fabric to tense when all four edges are inserted, creating a seamless perfectly flat finish.

In order to remove the graphic, the fabric is teased from the frame and easily removed. This then enables a new fabric to be fitted quickly without any specialist tools or knowledge.

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