For Successful Stand Construction Drawings

CAD technology has become an irreplaceable tool for exhibition design.

The software facilitates the construction of temporary and permanent projects without complications. Each step of the process is documented, logged and recorded, and all costs and requirements are anticipated and accounted for.

The integrated management tool of OCTAcad can even manage the parts lists, weights, and the availability of the parts in stock with ease.

OCTAcad provides the flexibility to work more productively from concept to completion.

SQL-database system

The SQL-database system meets all demands with its intuitive operating surface for the server-orientated working in the firm networking. By means of .NET (say: dot NET) as developing basis a future-proofed system is generated.
The user can define and arrange the administration structures according to its own demands. Through filtering and searching functions at all relevant places the desired information can be given shortly and by means of drag and drop it is possible to save unnecessary data typing.


The CAD-part has been re-developed also completely. With AutoCad Architecture and its supporting structure techniques the operator can use all AutoCAd construction functions for all system structures. Efficient and object-orientated additional functions for the OCTANORM system program make possible extensive constructions within short. Of course, own systems can be integrated, too.


The important news in details:

  • Absolutely latest software technology (.NET, AutoCAD Architecture latest)
  • Latest database technology (Microsoft SQL-Server)
  • Intuitive through Look and Feel like Microsoft Office 2007 surface
  • Special modus for changer and beginners to familiarize with the program
  • External workplace with data-safe configurable connection
  • Flexible and individual configurable
  • Drag and Drop for all important data
  • Various search and selection functions
  • Security in the firm net work through considerable right administration
  • External workplace with date-safe configurable connection
  • Article update through internet connection to Octanorm
  • New remote support concept for the change
  • New object-orientated interactive CAD functions
  • Best preliminary work for photorealistic renderings

The CAD functions

Not only library elements are put together with OCTAcad, the different construction functions include system knowledge. Depending on the system element you know the construction and the connection; they are object orientated. Therefore the concept will be facilitated considerably and oversights reduced efficiently.
Own system profiles can be integrated in the construction system. They can be used with the same intelligent installation functions like the complete Octanorm system.

The wall function

With the use of AutoCAD Architecture object functions in the construction functions of OCTAcad all created objects are completely AutoCAD-conform and with the standard functions editable.
The "Swiss knife" of OCTAcad is in this case the wall function. Through its intuitive server surface it makes possible the installation of extensive system walls which nevertheless meet the above criteria. It is object orientated and carries out inspections regarding system conformity and object overlap upon creations and edition functions. The function set works according to the principle: "from the general to the detail". This means that with the desired wall definition first the wall is constructed and afterwards puts in or changes the details with the edition functions (doors, material exchange, changes in altitude). Standbuilder who use their own system can integrate their own system units as far as possible.

Lock direction

With OCTANORM-profiles you can create constructions with connections in different directions of the locks. When you use OCTAcad functions the direction of the locks is orientated at the system groove of the connection point. Afterwards it can be changed individually. OCTAcad thus knows the necessary lock direction and lists these parts for the production as well as on the part list with according remarks. Reworking at the exhibition ground are a thing of the past.

Assembly help

OCTAcad marks profiles with same length for a colored assembly plan. You can choose free the colours for this allocation. This demonstration with legend facilitates the survey and the classification of the parts considerably. Even at the construction there is also a guide to identify exactly the parts. When the part list was established, parts are also marked in the drawing through selection. Are vice-versa positions marked in the part list, the appropriate parts are selected automatically in the drawing. 

Fascia function

The fascia function makes possible the dressing of system walls and the construction of conventional walls whose corner design can be chosen by the user.
The corner design (mitre cut, locked left side, locked right side) can be changed afterwards optionally. Even changes in the blend elements can be made with the complete degree of freedom of AutoCAD Architecture. As completely compatible objects are constructed, they can be juggled with the available grips. The part list includes these details for production.


No more cut from the company, OCTAcad makes possible the working with the company's system regardless where you are (hotel, exhibition, home office)
With a protected internet connection you can work with the same functionality where-ever you are - in the same way as you were in the office. The working with freelancers is possible through the temporary booking out of a license and the detailed user management without any limitation and security problems.

The data pool

The complete data pool is in its respective structure and view editable. In order to find the desired data as efficient as possible, you can filter and look in all columns.
The most important are:

  • master data
  • projects
  • drawings
  • 3D library

The presentation

To make a photorealistic presentation the Mental Ray is used which is integrated in AutoCAD Architecture. To meet further desires the models can be exported also to OCTAdesign as OCTAcad assigns already the object colours and surfaces which are registered in the article master.

The daily work

The created drawings and projects can be evaluated by means of the different list functions and support the commercial as well as the technical division. 
- Various list functions (part list with pictures, part list with weights, cut list, loading list) 
- part identification (assembly help) 
- Expanded documentation (project cover sheet, exhibition survey) 
Through the use of Cristal Reports as list generator all users can generate lists and evaluations. 

Data updates

OCTAcad NG can be configured in this way that it informs you when Octanorm places at your disposal new article master data or program updates. They will be transferred and installed upon request.

New support and remote maintenance concept

Due to most modern support software a new quality of customer support is possible. A safe remote connection with the customer-CAD-computer makes possible to help at any time. Relevant trainings can be arranged in this way, too. Due to the fact that the supporter can do and see everything as he would be in front of your computer, misunderstandings can be avoided from the beginning.


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