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OCTAdesign sets new standards in streamlining and accelerating your workflow. Created in simple to use modules and as a construction system-independent software, OCTAdesign accommodates the creativity of designers and allows architectural freedom.

The interactive mode of operation of the program and useful scaling facilities make it possible to quickly produce rendered versions of drawings. It offers a variety of construction possibilities and presentation features that include slides, panorama pictures and virtual reality.

Complete with external and internal views and any camera movements you want, this software also accounts for budget control and parts list.

OCTAdesign quickly and efficiently generates professional presentations!

Project Wizard

In Project Wizard all initial standard settings are defined. They are important for the exhibition stand, such as stand height, hall flooring, platform heights, material selection, background and lighting. These basic settings can be recorded and upon mouse click reused to start a new drawing. Furthermore the Project Wizard generates animations of the exhibition stand which were designed with OctaDesign. With this tool the user thus spares hard, long and always recurring activities at the beginning of every drawing.

OCTAdesign Reality (ODR)

Present your idea drawn with OCTAdesign to your customer in real time! 
OCTAdesign Reality (ODR) allows your customer to walk through his exhibition stand right from the design or planning stage. It gives him the possibility to choose the room or detail he wants to view. Like in a 3D computer-game he can move in any desired direction and has a look around his projected stand by simply using the mouse or the cursor keys.

System Wall

With the module "System Wall" it is easily possible to generate wall solutions as well as conventional walls of different system suppliers. You just indicate the wall course. The walls may possess any conceivable dimensions and shape: straight or curved, even with the upper edge following a diagonal course. Already in the design phase the walls appear in the selected materials and colors and allow a photorealistic view of the stand.

PDF Generator

Ceiling Wizard

With the Ceiling Wizard it is possible to design automatically a frame ceiling through simple edging the ceiling area. Similarly, square-shaped and triangular ceiling areas can be inserted with the selected materials.


As well as OCTANORM components, other profiles can also be integrated! In any case you draw the profile cross-section and OCTAdesign will generate a new fully parameterized profile, which e. g. can be used for your wall definitions.


With the module "Filling" you can create any kind of panel. Once set, they are available parametrically, they can be bended or slanted. Furthermore these panels can be used with the module "system wall" or can be provided with graphics of the "poster assistant".


With the module "Structure" you can use OCTANORM Structure in all possible versions. With only a few commands you create extensive floor-, ceiling- or wall constructions. Just choose the size of the shape and grid, click on ‘start’ and confirm the length and the width – and a complex Structure construction is completed.


You want to connect components aligned in space with each other? Then you need Powermagnets! All components provided with Powermagnets position themselves automatically when inserted and align themselves as if manipulated by a ghostly hand!


The truss supports the creation of girders. The user can choose between flat, triangular and rectangular girders. Width, height, length, diameter and materials can be changed at any time.

Glass retainer

You will be surprised how easy it can be to cover an exhibition stand with walls or glass including glass retainers. Within seconds it is possible to cover walls or even total stands with glass or other materials. They are just attached on your walls. Simply chose a profile as starting point, chose the number of the horizontal and vertical panels, fix the grid spacing or length and add the walls or glass panels.

Maxima Light

The new wall support and joint system Maxima light, one of the most innovative and successful profiles, is also integrated into OCTAdesign. This module is used to determine the length and direction of the grids and the program automatically inserts the appropriate joints. Girders and joints are also brought together using a shape (line).

Poster Wizard

The Poster Wizard is used to introduce “life“ to the stand design. The stand design can be completed with graphics, picture frames with posters or logo types. They can be positioned and inserted into the stand design with a mouse click.

Material Wizard

You need certain RAL colors for your customer? No problem with the material assistant. All current RAL/Pantone colors available on the market are deposited. You can attach the desired colors to every object or total material classes. Furthermore different surfaces e. g. floor cover, finery, tissue, glass, are deposited with different settings in order to simplify the material assignment.

Material Variants

The stand design is complete, the customer found the stand concept convincing, but the colors and materials are not what he had in mind. No problem! You simply take a predefined material configuration and assign this to the exhibition stand, turning silver into red or wood into stone etc. You can also use this function e. g. to adapt an existing exhibition stand design for Ferrari (red) into a stand for Mercedes (silver) with a click of the mouse button.

Parts List

Automatic, simultaneous creation of a parts list is an important costing tool. As in CAD applications, all the components of the exhibition stand are recorded with exact dimensions and frequencies of use. This means that already at the design phase initial costing can be prepared.

Publication Wizard

Once the design work is completed, the Publication Wizard allows the stand to be presented attractively by e-mail or CD-ROM. Depending on the user´s entries, the wizard will automatically create a high-quality presentation CD containing 2D and 3D images together with animations from every virtual perspective.


To run with your customer through the positioning of your customer´s exhibits you will need true to scale labeled layouts and views. These plans created in the Layout module naturally in your customer`s company-specific look can also be used by the exhibition company as a submission for the purposes of obtaining approval.


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