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Different arrangements of LEDs and types of fabric can be used to create almost infinite possibilities of lighting design. OCTAmesh can also be laminated into glass or acrylic sheets, depending on the installation demands and conditions.

There are two different fabric variants available to choose from: OCTAmesh miracle makes single light points disappear completely, while OCTAmesh lux is designed in such a way that the light points remain visible in the arc. The arrangement of the LEDs and the special fabric also allow for a wide variety of unique lighting effects.

Key Features:

  • Special fabric mounted to a high quality aluminium frame

  • Highly efficient LED technology

  • RGB LEDs that offer colour change functionality

  • Optical enlargement of rooms through depth effect

  • Different structural and colour lighting options

  • Effect changes with viewing angle

How it works: 

The optical high-tech fabric curves the beams emerging from light sources inside the frame and creates unique light arcs with a fascinating impression of depth.


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